Multi-Stage Pumps With All the Right Features

Many of you may not know what is the difference between multistage pumps and single-stage pumps. The basic difference between the two is the impellers and how they are being used in their operation. Multi-stage pumps have two or more impellers rotating or circulating near the shaft, unlike a single-stage pump.

Zoomilan Pump Co. Ltd provides various options in the area of multi-stage mine pumps, horizontal multistage stainless steel pumps, horizontal multistage oil pumps, horizontal multistage seawater pumps, Multi-stage Oil pumps, Vertical Multi-stage Inline pumps, and Multi-stage Centrifugal pumps.

The first two pumps are quite similar in their features and efficiency. Both the pumps are self-balanced. Both have a capacity of 6.3-1100 cubic meters and a working pressure of 7.5- 180 bar. The first pump has applications in water drainage and water supply for factories, cities, or mines. The second one is used for underground drainage and mine drainage, which is capable of handling ore water.

The Horizontal Multistage Stainless Steel Pump has the same capacity and working pressure as previous ones. The pump is designed for handling corrosive liquid which doesn’t contain any solid particles and the temperature range is -20 to 105 degrees (in Celsius). The properties like driven mode and sealing, pump material, proportion, concentration can be chosen by the user according to the property of the liquid. The application of this pump is in conveying corrosive liquid for industries like the oil chemical industry, coal chemical industry, chemical plants, and chemical processing. It has another model that has a pressure range of 1.7-100 bar and capacity 6.3-850 cubic meter.

The Horizontal Multi-stage Oil Pump is also self-balancing in nature. This pump is designed for transferring oil products or oil without any solid particles, with a viscosity lower than 120 centipoise. The temperature range should be between -20 to 210 degrees (in Celsius). The basic application of the pump is petroleum and oil liquid handling for industries like chemical processing.

The Horizontal Multi-stage Seawater Pump is also facilitated with a self-balanced system. This pump is made for delivering liquids that are corrosive like brine, seawater, and other liquids with the help of stainless steel. The limitation of temperature should lie between -20 to 105 degrees (in Celsius). The major application of this pump is in seawater, construction, and destination plant. It has 12 impellers in its structure.

The Multi-stage Mine pump has a balance disc and is generally used for underground mine drainage. It has three impellers built inside it. It usually handles water-like liquids or water, but can also handle liquids like oil, abrasive or corrosive build by providing a change of pump material, pressure or seal of the cooling system. The working temperature of the pump is from 0 to 80 degrees (in Celsius).

The Vertical Stainless Steel Multi-stage pump, as the name suggests is vertical in shape. The motor in this pump is in direct connection with the pump through the shaft. It has 20 impellers which are made of stainless steel. It has a smooth surface, and hydraulic loss of flow is small in amount. It is easy to clean which helps to convey a pure medium. It has a wide variety of applications like water supply, industrial pressurization, industrial liquid transportation, and water treatment. It is also used in various irrigation methods like sprinkler or drip irrigation. It gives stable performance and its small size makes it easy to transport.

One more pump in the vertical category is the Vertical Multi-stage Inline Pump. It has seven impellers inside of it. It uses a hydraulic model that is advanced and utilizes stainless steel as a pump shell. This pump is preferred to transport hot and cold water or any other water-like liquid in every major industry. Some of the applications are:

  • It circulates both hot and cold pure water in a system of high pressure.
  • It supplies water with pumps in high buildings in parallel.
  • It is used in fire-fighting, water supplies, and transportation of a variety of rinsing liquids.

Multi-stage Oil Pump has seven impellers and has applications in conveying petroleum and oil for chemical industries, while Multi-stage Centrifugal pump has rather wider applications. It is used for water supply, long-distance deliveries, discharge in mines, high-rise buildings and mines, and cyclic pressurization in process of production. It has three impellers.

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