Learn the key secret to becoming a consultant and improving your consulting practice. When you brainstorm to make a career change to consulting, what you need to understand is not only its definition, but also the responsibilities a consultant has. Being a consultant, you are expected to offer your skillsContinue Reading

If you are a business coach or consultant and have not advised your clients that a book should be part of their business, you are doing them a disservice. Writing a business book, manual, booklet, pamphlet, guide, how-to, workbook, etc. gives a business owner (regardless of the industry) visibility, credibility,Continue Reading

We all have on our prospect list an A-List name that we’ve been unable to reach. This prospective client sits in the C-Suite and holds the promise of green-lighting a big payday for you. It’s frustrating when you can’t get added to your A-List prospect’s calendar. Nevertheless, there is nearlyContinue Reading

The general partner(s) manage the assets contributed to the family limited partnership. Limited partners generally have no rights with respect to the assets held by the FLP. The lack of Marketability and the fractional ownership of the limited partnership interests held by the limited partners are two of the well-establishedContinue Reading