The general population, who settle on choices in bookkeeping, make it in view of three classifications. To begin with, individuals who deal with a business, second, the outside individuals of a business who has a direct monetary enthusiasm to a business, and third the general population and associations that indirectlyContinue Reading

Logistics plays an important role in the success of business. Companies that provide services and goods rely on logistics services for the timely delivery of their products to the buyer and the end-user. The advent of much awaited GST bill promises to bring growth for the business sector. Business ownersContinue Reading

The role of the accountant has become more important than ever as emerging economies are growing at a fast pace. The role of an accountant is to manage, audit, and inspect financial records of individuals or businesses and to prepare financial reports. Without the work of an accountant, modern countriesContinue Reading

Donald J. Trump initially proposed his tax plan of cutting taxes for businesses and the middle class while campaigning for the primaries. In August he revised his plan and added many details including Tax Brackets, Standard deduction changes, corporate rates and eliminating the gift/estate tax. Furthermore, Donald J. Trump’s planContinue Reading