The Importance of Mobile Document Shredding for Your Business

When it comes to record destruction, it is vital that businesses take an active role. All businesses must ensure that records are destroyed on a regular, ongoing basis. While those that deal with consumer health data are required to use destruction services through HIPAA, there are other industries that face regulatory requirements. ISO 2007 and PCI-DSS compliance both stipulate that organizations take a strong stance toward data protection and preventing information from falling into the wrong hands.

How do you go about doing that, though? There are quite a few options, but mobile document shredding is the most convenient and most secure. While you can choose to shred records on your own (not recommended), or you could have your documents collected and taken to a destruction facility, neither of these methods is particularly secure.

With mobile document shredding, the destruction company comes to you. These firms use specialized vehicles equipped with state of the art equipment designed to shred papers down to the smallest possible pieces (in compliance with record destruction laws). You also benefit because the records are not removed from your property before being destroyed. That assures you that they’re not being lost or misplaced, and that unscrupulous employees working with the destruction firm are not gaining unauthorized access to the information.

Once the paperwork has been destroyed, the remnants are placed in locked storage containers for the trip to the recycling facility. This further helps reduce the chance of data loss and identity theft.

This type of service can also save your business both time and money. Because the company comes to you, the challenge of collecting, storing and transporting records is eliminated. These services are often more affordable than other record destruction options, as well, and they can handle high volumes of records, too.

When choosing between these types of services, there are a few things to look for. First, make sure that the company provides you with a certificate of destruction. This will be vital for legal compliance, and should be kept with your records. Second, make sure that the firm rigorously screens their employees. Finally, verify that the company has a reputation for transparency and quality service.

With mobile document shredding, your business stays in compliance with state and federal regulations, while also upholding your responsibility to your customers or clients by protecting their information. Also it is the quickest and easiest form of document disposal available.