Want Better Ideas? Then Stop Brainstorming!

I used to be a fan of brainstorming. What could be better for generating ideas than gathering your team around a table, presenting the challenge, and then letting the ideas flow! No bad ideas here! Just open the mental floodgates and let the brilliance pour out! Each idea sparking another, and another! Sounds perfect, doesn’t … Read more

2020: The New Era of Advertising!

Remember! the advertising slogans ‘Hamara Bajaj’, ‘ I Love You Rasna’, ‘I am a complan boy’, ‘Sabki Pasand Nirma’… that still ring in our ears! If you grew up in the 90s, then you must remember all the above slogans or jingles… More than you enjoyed watching your favourite program, you looked forward to the … Read more

Dig Deep Into Unionwell Micro Switch

Unionwell is the best micro switch manufacturer in China. Let us discuss the several aspects of the switches manufactured by Unionwell; here, we will learn about their definition, how to construct them, and their advantages. What are Micro Switches? The micro switch responds to any changes in the surrounding environment by shutting or opening the … Read more

The Rise of the Rest

With the merge of globalization and glocalization, the gap of economic growth between developed and emerging countries is diminishing substantially. The G7 nation’s total GDP in 2000 was 133% of that of the EAGLEs (Emerging and Growth Leading Economies). In 2016, the EAGLEs frog leaped the growth by 128% of the G7’s. If the trend … Read more

Medical Coder and Biller Job Qualifications

A medical coder analyzes clinical documents and translates them into proper codes by using specifications. They work behind the scenes of every hospital or clinical setup. Medical billers are health claim specialists who typically work in an office setup, and are responsible for processing insurance claims on health for hospitals and other medical staff. Here, … Read more

5 Must Have Accessories For Your Truck

Making the cab of your truck and the sleeper a home away from home takes a bit of planning and budgeting, but it is a very worthwhile investment. After all you want to be able to pull off the road and relax in your truck, not feel like you are deprived of the comforts of … Read more

Data Science: The Balance Maintainer Between the Business World and Data World

A DATA SCIENTIST often termed as big data wranglers who have the skill sets and the knowledge base of mathematicians or statisticians to perform the interdisciplinary activities such as predictive analysis, visualization, and presentation. THE DEMAND FOR DATA SCIENTISTS has acquired a high pace of growth in popularity of the jobs associated with the field … Read more

A Goldfish Has a Longer Attention Span Than I Do!

This short Whisper will provide you with a fantastic TOOL to keep your Mindset on the proper track each and every day. You have 78 organs in your body. Your smart phone is probably organ number 79 for you. You need each of those first 78 organs to function well to keep you healthy and … Read more