Your Communication Personality Style – Take the Quiz

Have you ever tried to positively influence others in a way that failed?

Maybe your communication personality styles were very different.

Have people ever resisted your ideas – and yet you KNOW it’s the right thing?

It may be the WAY you are communicating with them.

You may have taken other forms of personality assessment such as Myers-Briggs or DISC. There are hundreds of different personality style assessments out there. Most are often great at explaining human behavior, but not always in relationship to how you influence others and motivate them to take positive action.

We developed a profiling system that does called, The DANCE Communication Style Quiz. It helps you:

a) communicate in a way that feels right with your dominant personality style

b) understand how to open people’s minds to your information, ideas, products and services

c) utilize all communication styles and find the best one for your situation

This profiling system includes 4 personality styles. The 5th is a blended style. Whichever is your dominant personality style, chances are you are going to be communicating in that style most of the time. That means you could be only connecting with 25% of the people you’re talking to. The other 75% have a “disconnect” when they listen to you.

This profiling system will help you think about how to have four different ways of communicating-one for each personality style and a fifth that is a blend of all four. This fifth communication style is useful when you are addressing a group. For example, say you’re pitching an idea. You’re trying to get a work team to adopt a new system for working together. First you have to start by talking one-to-one to four different decision makers.

There are ways to figure out your listener’s dominant style by their words, actions and background. If you create four ways of communicating that are similar, but some of the words are different, you will reach all four styles. It doesn’t take very long, but the difference in terms of getting “buy in” can be huge. Check out the link below to see examples of the five different ways of talking about the same type of offer in the link below.

By the way, personality profiling is a science that is thousands of years old, and is a secret of many top leaders in the world. Using one style of communication is as silly as going to a foreign country where no one speaks English, and trying to get people to only speak your language.

If you simply learn how to communicate in other styles, you can not only be much more successful in your business or role, you can get transform the natural resistance people have to being open minded. What if you have a teenager or a spouse with a very different personality style? We’ve had people say this system totally changed the way they communicated with their kids, and that it taught them more about their spouse than living together for 20 years. Not only that, it’s helped thousands of leaders, practitioners and entrepreneurs give better speeches, motivate their teams to action, build better rapport with tough customers and sell far more of their products and services.