Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Counselor

You can find and hire a good counselor. However, the real problem is to look for the right one. If you want to find the right one, you should ask a few questions. In this article, we have a few questions that you should ask yourself before hiring a good counselor.

Do you feel comfortable?

You should make a call to the professional and ask for an appointment. During the conversation with the professional, you should feel comfortable and relaxed. The therapist should be down-to-earth. He should not feel cold or dry. If you don’t feel comfortable and relaxed while you are talking to him, go for another professional.

What is the approach or philosophy of the professional?

A good counselor should approach his clients in an optimistic and compassionate way. As a matter of fact, he should believe that humans are born lovable and loving. In fact, good therapists stick to the good therapy elements.

Can he solve your issues?

Actually, if the counselor is experienced, he will spell out how he can help you solve your issues. As a matter of fact, he will give you a road map as to how he is going to help you.

Does he accept feedback?

Actually, a good therapist is always open to feedback from his clients. The fact of the matter is that good professionals look at themselves. When they make mistakes, they apologize and take the right steps to get better. As a matter of fact, feedback is extremely important for any professional who wants to learn from his mistakes and do better.

Is the professional experienced?

You have a specific issue. So, you should look for a counselor who has plenty of experience dealing with this type of issues.

Does he make promises or guarantees?

A good therapist won’t make guarantees or promises. All he can do is give you hope to move on. As a matter of fact, if you invest a good deal of time and effort, you can get back to normal life once again. Your wounds are the result of the bad things that happened to you or your loved ones.

Does he respect ethical principles?

Your counselor should follow the ethical principles as far as issues like confidentiality, dual relationships and boundaries are concerned. No counselor is allowed to harm his clients. As a matter of fact, the professional should be there in order to meet your needs for understanding, empathy, support healing, unburdening, and guidance. These guidelines are really important and every therapist should understand their importance.

Is the counselor licensed?

Make sure you hire the services of a counselor who is licensed. A professional has to have thousands of hours of supervised experience in order to get a license. Actually, licensed professionals go through tons of hoops and extensive supervision. So, they can help you better than a non-licensed therapist.

So, these are a few questions that you should ask yourself before hiring the services of a certain counselor. After all, you need someone who can help you, not someone who is inexperienced or someone who is starting out. Hope this will help.