Medical Coder and Biller Job Qualifications

A medical coder analyzes clinical documents and translates them into proper codes by using specifications. They work behind the scenes of every hospital or clinical setup. Medical billers are health claim specialists who typically work in an office setup, and are responsible for processing insurance claims on health for hospitals and other medical staff. Here, let’s learn some more about medical coders and billers who both of which are different professions, yet are an integral part of our health care system.

In particular, medical coders and billers have the following functions to perform:

1) Have a special coding procedure and system to choose diagnoses.

2) Making sure correct codes are entered into the patient’s health records.

3) Maintain the privacy of the patient’s health background.

4) Interacting between patients and insurance companies regarding health policy claims.

5) Tracking payments to make sure they are done on time.

6) Working with other staff members to ensure accuracy.

There are certain qualities expected from a person when he/she is working in a particular field. The same is expected of medical coders and billers. Let’s check out what attributes can make you a pro in this field of work:


This is the first and foremost quality every workplace expects from its employees. Medical claims and related works require the use of thousands of codes, and it is a huge system that requires hard work, patience, and resilience. A coder should make sure his coding work is done accurately and a biller should be focused on the smooth flow of work in the medical billing arena.


Both coders and billers are expected to think spontaneously and act quickly and wisely when a problem arises. Coders are sometimes required to extra research, do follow up with doctors and patients, and ensure proper information is collected. In the case of billers, they are supposed to track payment details and make sure no problem arises and if it does, they should make sure the issue is sorted between the patient and the insurance provider.


This is another virtue that is expected from medical coders and billers, both. You need to be ever-changing with the situation around you, keeping in mind that you’re working in an environment involving doctors, nurses, paramedical staff, patients, and of course the medical issues. Coders need to be capable enough to make codes and methods with the need of time, as required by the healthcare sector. Similarly, billers are expected to make billing options more user friendly for both ends, by adopting the latest technology and electronic means.

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