Dig Deep Into Unionwell Micro Switch

Unionwell is the best micro switch manufacturer in China. Let us discuss the several aspects of the switches manufactured by Unionwell; here, we will learn about their definition, how to construct them, and their advantages.

What are Micro Switches?

The micro switch responds to any changes in the surrounding environment by shutting or opening the set of moving contacts to restrict an appliance. When it feels or detects any unusual movement in its surrounding environment, a plunger is released or pressed to close or start the circuit. Plunger actuator needs a specific amount of force in opposition to it to change the touch manner, one of the custom choices. All the switches require a plunger actuator, which is required to change the style of contact. Many switches contain an additional actuator, such as a sail or a float. This is to feel the alterations happening in the surrounding environment like change in airflow or fluid level. Unionwell provides various actuator choices with basic plunger designs.

  • Leaf Actuator.
  • Paddle/Sail Actuator.
  • Whisker Actuator.
  • Styrene Float Actuator.
  • Roller Actuator.

Construction of Micro Switches

The construction of microswitches is very easy; it requires less amount of time, cost, and the method is also very simple. The person who understands the working of a micro switch can construct one with outside help. All the microswitches are made by using a firm strip of metal. The metal strip is supported by a flexible spring that will flip when enough force or pressure is applied on the switch button. When the force falls below the prescribed tipping point limit, the firm metal strip immediately flips back. The necessary activation force must be higher compared to the necessary or required deactivation force. The size of the surface-mounted micro switches is around 3mm by 3mm by 9mm. The metal strip’s fast movement produces a clicking sound similar to the sound produced when clicking a computer mouse.

Micro Switch Advantages

  • Compared to all other available switches in the market, micro switches are more reliable than all of them. This is because the microswitches are very accurate in functioning, and they can be used repeatedly and for a long time without the chance of any failure. They also offer various kinds of switching positions which cannot be achieved with other available switches in the market.
  • Durability is another and one of the major advantages of using micro switches. These microswitches are prepared exceptionally due to which they are much more durable than other switches. The less expensive switches also provide almost 10 million cycles of operation.
  • The price is also a significant factor. The microswitches are very cheap compared to other switches that are used for the same purpose. If purchased in bulk, then it is the best deal that you can have.

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