Gas Prices Are Up and There Is Nothing You Can Do About It!

Rising gasoline prices will be in the news recently, and there’s a great deal of talk about why this is actually the case. Rising demand as a result of global economic recovery, a reduced value for that dollar, supply fundamentals – these are simply a few of the potential factors that will drive up the cost of crude oil, which impacts the buying price of gasoline.

Crude oil is among a number of globally traded commodities like gold, corn, coffee and many more. The prices of these commodities are occur worldwide markets composed of buyers and sellers reacting to economic fundamentals and perceptions of demand and supply for each commodity. Which means that the price of consumer products according to those commodities – whether it be gasoline or even a can of coffee – will fluctuate according to global commodity prices.

You could be interested in articles in The Wall Street Journal the other day which made a significant point: Most of the same demand and supply factors that is driving up crude oil cost is pushing the prices of virtually all commodities. Based on the Journal, the buying price of crude oil – reflecting the a large number of transactions between clients – rose 15.2 percent really.

The prices for gold and silver like gold and silver rose 83.8 percent and 29.8 percent, respectively, even though the price of copper, basics metal found in a variety of industries and almost all personal electronics, rose 33.4 percent.

Similar patterns were within agricultural commodities. Corn price is up 51.8 percent really, and wheat price is up 46.7 percent in the same period. Even higher is coffee, containing seen a 76.9 percent begin commodity prices really.

Of course, rising crude and gasoline prices possess a real effect on household budgets through the nation. Gasoline is a vital product, and value rises are gone through families and businesses alike. I’m planning to return to this subject in the future posts, but I was thinking the Journal’s recent analysis of commodity prices is definitely an interesting piece that assists provide some context for your recent rise in the price of crude oil.

Each of us watch from afar the turmoil rolling throughout the Mideast, first toppling the us government in Tunisia and today playing in the streets of Cairo, the end results on Americans tend to be immediate as opposed to distance between here and Egypt indicate. A quick visit to the local service station underlines the strategic need for the Middle East on the well being in the American economy. And knowing that economy mired in recession, an outburst in gasoline prices may be the wrong prescription on an already weak patient. The result in states like California, where costs are moving toward four dollars a gallon, may be devastating to consumers.

While Egypt has few reserves of oil, quite a lot of the Middle East’s production ships from the Suez Canal. Two million barrels each day pass through the canal. A slowdown on the road through that waterway, or even worse, a complete shutdown, could accelerate the slow but steady surge in gas prices throughout the last two years. In January of 2008, prices in California averaged $2.08 per gallon of normal unleaded.

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