Many of you may not know what is the difference between multistage pumps and single-stage pumps. The basic difference between the two is the impellers and how they are being used in their operation. Multi-stage pumps have two or more impellers rotating or circulating near the shaft, unlike a single-stageContinue Reading

The coronavirus’ stock market impact is immense. It is spooking stock markets. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) shed 12% or over 3000 points over five days, February 24-28, the largest 5-day drop since the Great Recession. The DJIA recorded the biggest single day drop (1191) during that week onContinue Reading

We all recognise the need to innovate – as they say, innovate or die – well, at the very least, if you do not innovate, others will surely be doing so, and so you will stagnate. However, all to often, barriers to innovation occur, and often, these are unnecessary, orContinue Reading

The general partner(s) manage the assets contributed to the family limited partnership. Limited partners generally have no rights with respect to the assets held by the FLP. The lack of Marketability and the fractional ownership of the limited partnership interests held by the limited partners are two of the well-establishedContinue Reading

So you have a big event coming up, perhaps a conference or large meeting. There will be multiple presenters with time slots, and follow-up discussions with Q&A. Manage your seminar registration by using an all in one technology that cuts hours of agony out of event planning. Overview: Seminar registrationContinue Reading