What Is Reverse SEO for Law Firms?

You may not be perhaps aware that about 83% of people search for a lawyer online and read out their reviews on various platforms.

Besides that, more than 67% of clients are ready to travel far distances to reach any lawyer that has got a solid online reputation rather than visiting any lawyer next-door who must not be having so much of online reputation.

Looking at these facts, it is obvious that the digital presence of any law firm can always work for the growth of any legal practice. Even a decent rating is good enough to draw prospective clients to any law firm, but a poor reputation can do just the opposite.

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What is reverse SEO?

Reverse SEO, not to be mixed with negative SEO, is used to control search engine reputation (online reputation management).

In reverse search engine optimization, a web page is suppressed or pushed down in search engine results. You are effectively concealing search results that might be damaging to your business or reputation with reverse SEO.

When your brand reputation is at stake?

Any press, they say, is good press, which is a common business misunderstanding. Sure, in some circumstances, this is true, but in the vast majority of cases, it may seriously harm the image of your brand.

You will never know when something may occur that will negatively impact your brand reputation. There could be an enraged employee, a defective product, or a blunder on your part.

It is possible that other websites, forums, and the press will write about your company. When people search your brand, unfavourable content about your law firm may appear on page one.

How reverse SEO works

Let us imagine you have received some bad press because your company appears on the very first page of a Google search for your brand. So, what exactly should you do?

You can use SEO to boost other pages and essentially push that result to page 2, where it will be seen by a smaller number of people. Unless they are conducting more comprehensive research, most people merely look at the results on page 1.

As a result, Reverse SEO is often used to “push” specific search results to the bottom of the google first page, where they will be viewed.

How to build an effective defence?

Create new online assets first, such as social network profiles and accounts on major blogging platforms. You may create powerful links to these new digital assets by populating them with search engine optimised content.

Press releases and guest pieces of high quality can also be your part of the online asset arsenal. Furthermore, encourage, distribute, and promote current blogs and articles about your legal practise.

The majority of consumers nowadays rely on online evaluations to discover a reputable law company or attorney. For gaining new clients, a strong online reputation and also digital presence are essential.

Content that comes near the top of the SERPs will aid in making a positive first impression. You can construct a robust defence against negative material using the correct reverse SEO strategies.

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